Where Does My Waste Go?

Council runs its own waste collection service and takes the materials to other companies to process the waste.

Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park (The Tip)

Material from the red lid and green lid bins goes to Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park (The Tip). SUEZ operates this service and provides recycling, resource recovery and solid waste processing and disposal services to councils, commercial and industrial, small businesses and households.

Garden materials from your green bin are processed into compost at the Tip.  The compost is then used by the Tip in other parts of its operations and re-sold to the community.  Large quantities of garden material and recyclables, that won't fit in your bins at home, can be dropped off to the Tip.

Material collected during the council clean up is taken to the Tip.

Visy Recycling

Material from the yellow lid recycling bin goes to the Visy Recycling Materials Recovery Facility in Taren Point.  It is sorted mechanically and by hand into the separate material streams.  The sorted baled materials are then sent to other manufacturers for recycling.

Soft Landing and Landsavers mattress recycling

Mattresses in the council clean up are collected by Soft Landing  and Landsavers mattress recyclers.  Most mattress components can be recycled.  The steel springs, foam, husk, felt pad, timber and fabric are turned into things such as boxing bags, mulch and hanging bags.  This recycling process keeps the mattresses from ending up in landfill.  A limit of 2 pieces (i.e 2 mattresses or 1 ensemble) is accepted to be placed out in the clean up service.

If you have utilised your 2 pre booked clean up bookings for the financial year or you just want to remove your mattress as soon as possible call Soft Landings on 1800 763 852 or Landsavers on 0438 695 902 to pick it up and take it away (a fee does apply).


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