Waste Education Posters and Recycling Information

Need help to identify what goes in each waste bin? We have developed waste education posters and signage for our residents


PDF copies of our educational waste posters are available to download from the following links:


 SSC Recycling Bin Poster               SSC Garbage Waste Poster             SSC Garden Waste Poster

2recycling.JPG    Garbage.JPG    Garden.JPG


SSC Waste Guide Poster                                   VISY Recycling Yellow Lid Bin Reference

Waste Guide.JPG                   Visy Recycling Reference.JPG


Waste Posters and Signage for Unit Complexes

For multi-unit developments and apartment complexes, we recommend to display the posters in bin rooms, notice boards and other common areas where residents have access to the information. Apartment building managers, Strata managers, members of owner’s corporation and other representative bodies can request to receive hard copies of our waste education posters in A2 format free of charge by emailing wasteinfo@ssc.nsw.gov.au


Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Information 


MRF Sorting Steps                                     Glass Recycling Process Diagram               Steel Recycling Process Diagram 

Visy general.JPG             Glass Process.JPG              Steel process.JPG


Plastic Recycling Process Diagram            Paper & Cardboard Process Diagram           Aluminium Recycling Process Diagram

Plastic Process.JPG             Paper process.JPG               Aluminium process.JPG







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