Reusable Shopping Bags

Now’s the time to get ready for the upcoming supermarket ban on single-use plastic bags. From 20 June 2018, Woolworths will stop providing single-use disposable plastic bags.  Coles and IGA will stop from 1 July 2018.

Currently Australians use 13 million new plastic bags every day! On average, these bags are used for only 12 minutes before being discarded.  Only 3 per cent are recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills, waterways and parks where they can last for up to 1,000 years.

Here’s some handy tips on how you can reduce the amount of plastic bags you use:

  1. Find bags for specific purposes. There are different types of reusable bags; some are heavy duty and made for canned goods, while others are thinner and made for produce.
  2. Store bags in the car. The biggest reason that people with reusable bags do not use them is they forget to bring them to the shops. If you keep them in the car next to you, it is more likely you will remember to bring them in.
  3. Wash bags often. Reusable bags do collect bacteria over time, so get in the habit of washing them every week or two.
  4. Use bags for other purposes. Reusable shopping bags are also great for carrying books, beach supplies, picnic lunches and any other common use where a strong bag is helpful.

Yellow Lid Recycling Bin

It’s important to keep plastic bags out of your recycling bin. You can recycle your used plastic bags as well as bread and cereal bags, biscuit wrappers, pasta and rice bags, frozen food and other soft plastics at participating supermarkets.  See for your nearest drop off location and details on what can be taken.

Other hard plastic containers, bottle, tubs and jars go in your recycling bin.  Click here, for more information on what goes in which household bin.


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