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Street Trees - On Council and Public Land

Street trees are one of the most important components of our urban spaces and we are committed to maintaining canopy cover in Sutherland Shire.

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Tree Risk Management

Council values its urban trees and seeks to manage and retain them where appropriate. Council is currently undertaking proactive inspection of large trees within the Sutherland CBD and other high use areas. As a result some trees have been identified for removal as they may pose a risk to public safety. For more information please view Sutherland Trees

Review Panel Tree Removal Decisions

There are two separate review of determination processes, one for private trees and one for public trees. The review process is only for trees where Council has declined removal under a permit application; or retained a public tree where the customer had requested removal.  Review Information .

Green Streets Community Consultation Map

If you have received correspondence about a planting project, click on the blue heading below and follow the prompts to view the trees proposed for your nature strip. 

Green Streets Resident Interaction App - Community Consultation

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Growing a healthier FUTURE for our community and future generations - 3K Trees Project

Council is committed to providing a better quality of life for our community and future generations. As part of the NSW Government initiative to plant five million trees for Greater Sydney by 2030, we will be working alongside the NSW Government and other councils to grow tree canopy, creating a greener NSW to improve our health, climate, economy and environment. We will plant the right trees in the right places to ensure the right scale of tree for the longterm.

With funding from NSW Government, over the next 18 months we will be building on our Green Streets program by planting 3,000 new trees across Sutherland Shire in the suburbs of Taren Point, Jannali, Engadine and Cronulla.

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About Trees in Sutherland Shire

We want to make sure trees remain a distinctive part of Sutherland Shire’s character.  Trees are important to our health and well-being, they provide shade, help to cool our streets and homes, and it's critically important that we strengthen our tree canopy - our environment and future generations demand it.  Learn more about trees in Sutherland Shire and how you can be part of a greener future for Sutherland Shire.

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Palm health in Cronulla 

You may have noticed that palms in Cronulla are looking unwell, and some have been removed.

This is because they have a fungal disease called Fusarium wilt. Unfortunately this disease is terminal and it spreads causing the infection in other palms.

We are managing the health of palms in the area, however this does mean you will see more palms being removed. Palms will be replaced with trees that are not susceptible to the disease and we will ensure Cronulla stays green. Learn more about palms in Cronulla here.

Trees on Private Property

Before you do any works around or to a tree on private property, make sure you check in here for all the key information, including:

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Street Tree Planting - Our Green Streets Program

New trees are planted in our streets and parks each year as part of the Green Streets Program, which helps support our community to continue to haveactive lives connected to nature. Learn more about the program here.

To nominate as a future Green Streets planting project, please Click here.

Summer Woodchipping Service 

Council offers a domestic woodchipping service for Sutherland Shire residents during the daylight saving months each year. This service turns bulky tree branches and trunks into woodchips. Learn more about the program and key dates here.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Trees

We all enjoy the benefits trees bring to our community, whether the trees are located on your property, public land or Council’s property.  Trees not only look aesthetically pleasing we benefit from their shade and the fresh air they provide.  They enhance our active lives connected to nature.

On occasions trees can cause issues and Council would like to assist.  Should you have any enquiries regarding a tree please contact us on 9710 0333, or make a report at:

However, prior to contacting us it is suggested that you read through the following frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to you.

FAQ page

Gunnamatta Park Heritage Trees Conservation

From March 2020, Council will begin a conservation program to protect the long term health and regeneration of heritage trees in Gunnamatta Park. Many of the trees in Gunnamatta Park are remnants from original bushland that covered Cronulla prior to urban development.

Like all living things trees have a limited lifetime and with age deteriorate in health. In Gunnamatta Park, some of the heritage trees are in decline as a result of age, compacted soil, drought and over-browsing by possums. Learn more about the project here.

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3K Trees

3K Trees 2020

Green Streets





Tree planting

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