Structures within Pool Areas

Access and Restrictions

  • A child-resistant barrier is required to separate a residential building from the pool structure. 
  • Pools must be separated from residential buildings - this includes being separate from a detached or attached garage, laundry, shed, boat shed, clothes line or any structure not solely associated to the pool. 
  • Taking these measures reduces the frequency of entering/ leaving the pool.  In other words the enclosed pool area is only to be accessed for pool use and not as an access way to other structures. 
  • Access to the residence from the street, waterfront or other public place is to be outside the pool enclosure and not through the pool area.
  • Toilets, showers, change rooms, cooking and food storage facilities are to be accessed outside the pool enclosure.

Allowed pool structures

Provided these structures are solely associated with pool operation/use, they are allowed.  Their size needs to be in keeping with the size of the pool.

  • Sheds used to contain pool filter equipment, pool chemicals, filtration equipment etc. 
  • Free standing pergolas, cabanas and small shade structures, pool furniture etc.
  • If you are unsure about a planned structure within your enclosed pool area, enquire with a Pool Officer at council or contact our Certification Services or an accredited private certifier.
A diagram explaining structures allowed within pool enclosures


Some pools contain exemptions in relation to structures and how structures are to be separated from the pool area.   

This table summaries the variances that apply. Check with us or accredited certifier to clarify the situation.

Scenario Pool constructed or altered  Ancillary structures / buildings within pool enclosure 
S8 pre 1/08/1990 separation continues to apply Pre 1/08/1990 Allowed with restricted means to access pool
S8 small property continues to apply Pre 1/07/2010 Allowed with restricted means of access to pool
S9, 10 waterfront, large property continues to apply Post 1/07/2010 Allowed where not residential purposes
  Post 1/07/2010 Pool structures only
Moveable dwellings, hotels and motels Pre 1/07/2010 Allowed if not moveable dwelling, hotel or motel structure
  Post 1/07/2010 Only structure wholly ancillary to the pool
Tourist and visitor accommodation Pre 1/05/2013 Allowed if not a tourist and visitor accommodation structure
Other outdoor pools Current standard Pool structures only
Indoor Pool   Non-pool activities to be separated from pool

  • Where pre 1/08/1990 small/large or waterfront properties have not taken up the barrier exemption, the pool is required to be separated from the residential building as per ‘other outdoor pools’ in table above.
  • Once the s 8, 9 or 10 exemption is lost, the pool is required to be separated from the residential building as per ‘other outdoor pools’ in table above.
  • Barriers in place separating structures from pool are not permitted to be removed irrespective of exemption that may have applied.
  • All new structures/ buildings are required to be outside the pool enclosure with exception of pool structure/ building.
  • Alterations/ additions to structures/ building works are to comply with current standards and be separated from the pool.

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