Pool Registrations and Inspections

Pool registrations

It is compulsory for all pools to be registered.  Registering your pool is free.

You can self register your pool online at the NSW Pool Register.  You can also access the site's self assessment checklists to assist with safety questions at the time of registration. Council's safety requirements section can also assist. 

A pool certificate of compliance cannot be issued to an unregistered pool.

Non registration of your pool can result in a fine of $220.

Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection

Under the swimming pool legislation pool barrier inspection can be requested either from your local Council or a private swimming pool inspector.  NSW Fair Trading registers professionals to inspect and certify private swimming pools under NSW swimming pool laws. Registered swimming pool inspectors (certifiers) Find a pool barrier Certifier - https://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/inspection

Required Council Inspection

Once Council has been notified of a non-compliant pool barrier it is the role and responsibility of the Council, as the Regulatory Authority, to inspect the pool barrier and issue Notices to achieve compliance as per the NSW legislation. Owners can contact Council via the inspection form for inspection of the pool barrier.

New Owners - Where the pool is recorded as – not a significant risk – the new Owner has 90 days from settlement to achieve compliance. Outside this new owner timeframe Council as the Regulatory Authority is to inspect the pool barrier and issue Notices to achieve compliance as per the NSW legislation. New Owners can contact Council via the inspection form for inspection of the pool barrier .  This 90 days does not apply to existing property owners.

Where Council has issued a Notice or Order under the Swimming Pools Act 1992, irrespective of the barrier being inspected by a private Certifier, Council is to carry out a reinspection of the swimming pool to finalise the section 23 action recorded against the property.

Council Inspection form - Pool Inspection and Certificate of Compliance Application

Council Pool Barrier Inspection Requests

Due to resources available, no urgent inspection requests are able to be accepted as urgent.  Inspections will be scheduled based on the next available inspection date. Currently this is approx. 14 days from receipt of the inspection request and fee payment.  Where urgent inspections are required, there is the option to engage a Registered Swimming Pool Inspector to carry out a pool barrier inspection. 

Council pool inspection program

Under the Swimming Pool Act council is required to have a local pool inspection program.  The purpose of the inspection program is to identify swimming pool that will be scheduled for inspection under the program.

Inspections under the program are to ensure that the pool barrier effectively restricts access to the swimming pool in accordance with the provisions of the Swimming Pools Act.  The inspection results in the issue of a Certificate of Non-Compliance or a Certificate of Compliance from the NSW Swimming Pools Register.

 Pool inspections within the Inspection Program include:

  • High Risk Pools – inspected once every 3-years,
  • Proactive Pools - When staff resources permit, Council Officers may schedule swimming pool owners that do not have a current Certificate of Compliance, that their pool barrier will be the subject of a pool barrier inspection.

Other Pool Inspections

The Swimming Pools Act and other legislation provides for other pool inspections that are carried out, as required, outside of the Inspection Program schedule. 

These inspection include:

  • Inspection Requests received by Council,
  • Inspections as a result of Council receiving Complaints or information of a non-compliant swimming pool,
  • Inspections as a result of a Notice (either under the Swimming Pools Act or Environmental Planning & Assessment Act) being received from a Certifier of a non-compliant swimming pool,
  • Reinspections of pool barrier under Notice or Direction issued by Council,
  • Inspection for section 22 exemptions and reinspections.

SSC Swimming Pool Inspections and Program 2021


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Pool Inspection and Certificate of Compliance



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