Balcony Barriers

Balcony barriers adjacent to pool area

A balcony requires a balustrade that complies with AS1926.1.  These requirements apply where:

  • Any part of the balcony floor intrudes into the non climbable zone of the pool safety barrier.
  • The balcony has stairs that directly access the pool.
Diagram of balcony barrier requirements outside pool area

Balcony barrier over a pool area

  • AS1926.1-2012 is silent on the situation of balconies that project over a pool area.  In this type of situation access into the pool might be available via balcony doors, windows or steps
  • AS1926.1-2007 (balcony, window and retaining wall requirements (access to a pool from an upper level)) guidelines may assist.
  • A balcony barrier is to comply with AS1926.1 requirements where:
    • the distance (h3) from any part of the floor of the balcony to the finished ground level of the pool area is less than 1800mm or
    • the balancy has stairs into the pool.
Diagram of balcony barrier requirements over a pool area

Australian Standards can be viewed at Sutherland Library or purchased from SAI Global.


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