Lost and Found Pets

Report your lost dog or cat to council so we can assist in returning your pet to you. You can report it by telephone, online or visit our Animal Shelter.  Animal Shelter contact details.

Once your animal has returned home, let us know so we can update your pet as 'found'.  We urge all pet owners to keep your contact details for your animals up to date on the NSW Pet Registry which council also uses.

If you find or have lost a dog, the more information you can give us the better eg, the breed, time and date last sighted, microchip number, where you found/saw the animal, its current location and its name if on collar.  


Dogs lost, roaming or unattended in a public place may be picked up by council.  If we are unable to contact the owner, the animal will be transported to our Animal Shelter.

  • Identified (microchipped) animals may be housed at the Animal Shelter for 14 days unless collected earlier by the owner.  During that time every effort will be made to contact the owner, so ensure your details are always kept up to date on the NSW Pet Registry.
  • Unidentified (not microchipped) animals may be housed at the Shelter for 7 days unless collected earlier by the owner.
  • If we are unable to locate the owner, at the end of these periods, the animal will be offered up for adoption.


  • Council does not trap, pick up stray cats or search for lost cats.
  • If you have found a cat and know who it belongs to, ensure you return it to its owner.
  • If you find a cat and you don't know who the owner is a vet may assist you to check if it is microchipped and contact the owner. Alternatively, contact our Animal Shelter for further advice.

Claiming your animal from the Animal Shelter

  • The Animal Shelter will require proof of identification to confirm ownership.
  • If you are picking up the animal on behalf of an owner, a letter of authority from the owner is required before the animal can be released
  • Animals that are not microchipped and/or not registered will have to be done before they can be released by the Animal Shelter staff.  

Animal Shelter fees

Before your pet can be released fees are payable:

  • $128 for impounding.
  • $41 for each day the animal was at the Shelter which covers the cost of feeding and shelter.
  • Additional fees apply if the animal needs to be microchipped and/or registered.   


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More information


Enquiries can be directed to Animal Shelter Officer on 9710 0401 or

Animal related issues (including lost or found animals, change of details) Animal Microchipping and Registration

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