Animal Microchipping and Registration

Has your cat or dog been microchipped and lifetime registered.  This will give your pet a much better chance of being recovered and returned to you if lost, hurt or stolen.  This is also a legal requirement under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998

Owner Profile

Have you created an owner profile and claimed your pet on the  NSW Pet Registry.  Creating a profile and keeping your contact details and animal information updated, is the easiest way for you to be contacted if your pet goes missing and is found. You can also pay animal registration, report your animal as missing and found, print your certificates and more.

NSW Pet Registry User Guide for Pet Owners & Breeders - Refer page 6 to get you started

Register your dog or cat online


A microchip is a tiny rice grain-sized pellet ‘chip’ which is injected under the skin of your pet.  Owner and animal details are linked to the microchip.  Microchip scanning devices are held by vets, council and some animal shelters. 

Microchip details are recorded in the NSW Pet Registry.

Microchipping must take place by 12 weeks of age or at point of sale/change of owner (whichever comes first) and can be done at the following places:

Permanent Identification 

After microchipping, you will be issued with a 'pink' copy of the Permanent Identification form.  Whoever microchipped your pet will enter details onto the NSW Pet Registry.

Creating an Owner Profile

It is recommended you create your owner profile before hand ready to go and once the vet enters the microchip details on the NSW Pet Registry the owner can immediately go online, and claim your pet - NSW Pet Registry.

Once this has been done the NSW Pet Registry enables the pet owner to:

  • update their contact details
  • transfer ownership of pets
  • report their pet missing and found
  • pay most lifetime registration fees online. 

More information on the NSW Pet Registry;


Dogs and cats must be lifetime registered with council on or before 6 months of age. (Late payments will incur a 'late fee' of $18). You pet must be microchipped first. Registration can be paid online at NSW Pet Registry or can be paid at any Council.


Online registration is a convenient way to pay for your animals registration fee.  To use online registration you must be able to pay fees (refer table below) by credit card.

Register your dog or cat online

Alternative ways to pay your dog and cat lifetime animal registration: 

  •  Online via NSW Pet Registry website
  • At any Service NSW - (Sorry payment at Service NSW is currently unavailable) Find a Service NSW location 
  • Council Customer Service Counter Monday to Friday (8.30am to 4.30pm)
  • By appointment on 9710 0401 at Sutherland Council's Animal Shelter Monday to Friday 11am to 3.30pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm
  • At any council in NSW
  • By post to Sutherland Shire Council, Locked Bag 17, Sutherland NSW 1499 (money order to be made to Sutherland Shire Council)

Required documentation

  • Certificate of Identification or a copy of the Permanent Identification form or Unregistered Animal Notification Letter.   
  • Lifetime registration fee (see table below).
  • Proof of desexing (if applicable).
  • Proof of pensioner concession (if applicable).
  • Proof of breeder (if applicable).

Registration fees

  • Payment of registation fees are due by the time your companion animal is 6 months of age. Late payments will incur a 'late fee' of $19.  
  • Registration fees are used by council to provide animal management related services to the community.  
Category Fees
 Dog - Not desexed or desexed (after relevant age)  $234
 Dog - Not desexed (Recognised breeder)  $69
 Dog - Not desexed - Not recommended (To be eligible confirmation from Vet is required before dog is 6 months of age)  $69
 Dog - Desexed by 6 months of age  $69
 Dog - Desexed by 6 months of age - Eligible pensioner  $29
 Dog - Desexed - Sold by an eligible pound/shelter (Submit request and proof, including desexing, to council for review)   Nil
 Dog - Working dog (Submit request and proof to council for review)  Nil
 Dog - Service of the State (ie - Police dog or Correctional Services dog)  Nil
 Dog - Annual Permit - Declared dangerous dog and restricted breed dog (This is in addition to registration)  $206
 Cat - Not desexed or desexed including Annual Permit (Annual Permit to be paid if cat is over 4 months of age and is either not desexed or was desexed after turning 4 months of age)  $144
 Cat - Not desexed - Recognised breeder  $59
 Cat - Not desexed - Not recommended (To be eligible, confirmation from Vet is required before cat is 4 months of age)  $29
 Cat - Desexed or not desexed  $59
 Cat - Desexed - Eligible pensioner  $29
 Cat - Desexed - Sold by eligible pound/shelter (Submit request and proof, including desexing, to council for review) 


 Cat - Annual Permit - Not desexed by 4 months of age (This is in addition to registration)  $85
 Assistance Animal - (Submit request and proof to council for review)  Nil

Once details and payment are verified it will be update on the NSW Pet Registry. You can view and print your Certificate of Registration online NSW Pet Registry.

Owning multiple dogs

There are no legal restrictions on the number of dogs that are allowed to be kept on private property, however, keeping multiple dogs on a property may have a negative impact on your neighbours.

Council may act on complaints about noise or environmental health issues related to keeping multiple dogs on private property.


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