Water Pollution

It is an offence for any person to pollute any waters, and penalties do apply.

Water pollution includes waste water, oil, litter, debris, detergent, sewage and paint. Placing such matter in a location where it could be blown or could fall into a natural waterway, creek, gutter or storm water drainage system is also considered to be pollution.

Stormwater pollution

Controlling stormwater pollution is vital to keeping our Shire waterways clean and safe.  When it rains, all sorts of rubbish gets washed from our streets and gardens into the drains.  The pollution carried in this runoff can kill plants, fish and other animals in our waterways, increase bacterial and toxic algae making it unsafe for swimming, block drains and cause flooding.  Polluted waterways are also unsightly.

Council needs your help

  • Sweep up leaves and grass clippings and use them as mulch or compost or put them in your green waste bin.
  • Cover piles of soil, sand or mulch to stop them washing down into drains.
  • Pick up your dog's droppings and put them in the bin.
  • Wash your car on the grass.
  • Bin your cigarette butts.
  • Dispose of chemicals using our Chemical Cleanup Service.
  • Dispose of larger household waste using your pre booked council clean up.
  • Make sure your bin is not over full.
  • Illegal dumping is another major factor in stormwater pollution.  If you see this happening report it to us.

Report Water Pollution

Industrial water pollution

Many larger industry premises are required to be licensed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.  These licences are used to control water pollution. Pollution incidents originating from these types premises are investigated by Office of Environment and Heritage.

If the company is not licensed with the EPA council will investigate any pollution incidents.


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