Protecting our Foreshore

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Protecting our Foreshore

Seagrasses are a unique group of specialised marine plants found in sheltered areas and shallow waters, growing in soft sediments such as sand or mud that provide food and habitat for marine life and help to protect erosion. Some simple ways to help protect seagrasses are:

  • Avoid anchoring in, or mooring boats over seagrass beds.
  • Avoid walking through seagrass areas at low tide.
  • Avoid travelling across seagrass beds in boats at low tide in order to minimise the potential for propeller damage.
  • Avoid digging for bait in seagrass beds.

Read more about seagrasses here.

There are a few places where you should not bring your dog. One place is Deeban Spit, Maianbar, where dogs are prohibited to assist in protecting shorebirds. Dogs are also not allowed in the Royal National Park. To see where you can visit with your furry friend, head to Where can I take my dog?

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