Find out how to apply for a Greenweb Grant - Applications open 1 September - 30 September

Council's Greenweb program identifies key areas of bushland habitat in the Shire and establishes corridors to connect them so both plants and animals can move easily between them. This helps to maintain healthy populations and diversity.

Greenweb operates on both public and private lands, however the main target is private property owners within the Greenweb network. 

This program complements council's Bushcare program which focuses on bushland regeneration activities on public land in the Shire.

Is my property in a Greenweb zone?

The link above will take you to the Shire Maps page so that you can see if your property is within the Greenweb zone. Once you are in the Shire Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Greenweb' and then add the legend to see if you are in one of the three coloured subcategories of the Greenweb corridor. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Environment' in the panel at the left side of the screen.
  2. Click 'Greenweb'.
  3. Just near the top of the page, click the four horizontal lines next to the Layers heading then click 'Show Legend'. You should now be able to see a legend showing the three colour-coded Greenweb subcategories.
  4. Enter your property address in the 'Search' field on the map then zoom out to see a wider view of your suburb. Your property will be highlighted by a blue boundary line.

You can now see if your property sits within one of the three coloured Greenweb subcategories. If the colour-code legend has disappeared, click the 'Legend' tab at the bottom of the left hand panel to bring it back into view.

Resident participation

Contact our Greenweb officer who will inspect your property and provide a free garden consultation including:

    • Identifying appropriate native plant species for the area.
    • Suitable landscaping projects to encourage native fauna.
    • Control of invasive weed species.
    • Answering any other environmental or horticultural questions.
    • Free native tube plants from the council's nursery and, in some instances, a second greenwaste bin and/or bush regeneration bags for weed collection may be available.

    Greenweb participants will receive information relevant to the program via our Facebook page and on an individual basis as needed.  

    Other ideas include adding a few native plants to your garden, removing invasive weeds, installing a nest box or retaining and enhancing natural features in your yard such as logs or rocks to create better habitats for many types of native animals.

    School participation

    Schools are encouraged to participate in the Greenweb program and can play a vital role in the creation of wildlife corridors or by enhancing existing bushland in their grounds. 

    Educational talks

    Educational talks about Greenweb matters as well as planting days and bush regeneration works are undertaken in schools throughout the Shire.

    If you are a school within the Greenweb network and would you like to participate or get some tips on managing your bushland or wish to find out more call our Greenweb Officer on 9710 0463. 

    Grants for eligible private properties

    Grants for financial assistance open every August with the aim of grants to support ecological restoration work on bushland.

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    Enquiries can be directed to Greenweb Officer on 9710 0463 or

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