Surf Education Courses for Schools and Ocean Safety Lifeguard Hire

Council's Surf Education Program is run for local and south-western Sydney schools and has been in operation for over 30 years with over 3,000 students participating each year.

Our fun and interactive courses provide students with the knowledge and skills to allow them to enjoy a safe time at our beaches. Approximately 60 children drown in Australia each year. The knowledge students gain through our programs enables them to make informed judgements on beach safety and learn about appropriate behaviour in the surf.     


Surf Awareness Course - 4 hours

  • $9.60 per student per course
  • Designed for upper primary school students

Students are taught:

  • how to identify potential dangers
  • recognise safe and unsafe swimming areas
  • learn how to identify rips and currents.

Students learn about different wave types and how they are formed while also being instructed on important emergency response procedures. The course also provides instruction on swimming and deep water flotation techniques, skills in correct board paddling. Students also have the opportunity to use their knowledge to identify dangers during a beach walk.

Additional ocean safety lifeguards

For schools with over 20 students, additional ocean safety lifeguards will be required at $65 per hour per lifeguard. e.g 20 students 1 lifeguard, 20-40 students 2 lifeguards, 40-60 students 3 lifeguards.

Surf Survival Course - 8 hours

  • $40 per student per term, *max 20 students
  • Designed for high school students. 

The course covers the curriculum outlined in the Surf Awareness Course and additionally allows students to learn valuable rescue techniques and CPR procedures. 

It can be presented in any order depending on conditions on the day and school requirements.

Surf Safety Talk - 45 minutes

  • $65 per Surf Safety Talk per Sutherland Shire school
  • During the cooler months of winter, we offer a 45 minute Interactive Surf Safety Talk which involves a lifeguard coming to your school. 

An educational DVD is shown and the lifeguard gives a talk to the students about the beach environment and surf safety issues.

Hire an ocean safety lifeguard for school picnics

Contract ocean safety lifeguard services are available for school picnics at $65 per hour.

Course times

Courses run for a set time with flexibility around how they are spread out. For example, the 8 hour Surf Survival Course can be spread over 8 weeks at 1 hour per week (eg for school sport) or in 2 lots of 4 hour sessions, or perhaps another combination.   

Let us know your preference by completing the online enquiry form.

Course times are subject to availability of ocean safety lifeguards.

Use this online enquiry form and a surf education office will contact you.

Book a Surf Education Course / Hire a Lifeguard 

Surfhero - survive with Sonny!

Our beach mascot Sonny has lots to tell everyone about surf safety. Visit our Surfhero website just for kids and find out a range of fund surf educational activities which have been designed to help children develop a better understand the beach environment.

Keep an eye out for Sonny at events throughout the Shire. The beach can be very dangerous so always swim between the flags at a patrolled beach.


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Surf Education Courses / Lifeguard Hire

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