Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015

C4 Environmental Living

C4 Environmental Living is a zone for land with special environmental or scenic values where residential development can be accommodated. Development in this zone is to give priority to preservation of the particular environmental qualities of the land. Much of this zone is subject to bushfire risk. C4 allows for low-impact residential development in areas with special environmental or scenic values.

C4 zone uses

Home occupations are permissible without consent in C4 provided they meet the requirements in the LEP. The following uses can be carried out in C4 with development consent:

  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • boatsheds
  • dwelling houses
  • environmental protection works
  • flood mitigation works
  • health consulting rooms
  • home businesses
  • home industries
  • places of public worship
  • recreation areas
  • roads
  • secondary dwellings

Dual occupancies are permissible only in specific parts of the C4 zone. Consult the Additional Permitted Uses Map to see whether dual occupancy is permissible for your property.

All other uses that are not listed above are prohibited in the zone unless permitted by a State Environmental Planning Policy.

C4 Zone locations

Zoning maps for the LEP2015 (opens in new window)

Hard copies can be viewed at the council administration foyer. Phone enquiries can be made to a Duty Officer on 9710 0333.

LEP 2015 Development controls on C4 Environmental Living

The maximum height in the C4 zone is generally 8.5 m. (A 9m height limit applies in Greenhills Beach, zoned C4). Please refer to the height maps for site specific controls.

The maximum FSR permitted in C4 is either 0.5:1 or 0.55:1, depending on the specific location. Please refer to the Floor Space Ratio maps for site specific controls.

The minimum lot size in C4 is varies between 550m2 to 700m2 for standard lots or 750m2 to 850m2 for internal lots. These lots must have a minimum road frontage of 18m at the building line and must be a minimum of 27m deep. Please refer to the lot size maps for site specific controls.

Note: Clause 4.3 and 4.4 should also be consulted to determine whether there are exceptions to the development standards.

More Information

Enquiries can be directed to a Duty Officer on 9710 0333 or

LEP 2015 Essentials

LEP 2015 Zones

  • B2 Local Centre
  • B3 Commercial Core
  • B4 Mixed Use
  • B5 Business Development
  • B6 Enterprise Corridor
  • B7 Business Park
  • IN1 General Industrial
  • IN2 Light Industrial
  • IN3 Heavy Industrial
  • IN4 Working Waterfront
  • C1 National Parks and Nature Reserves
  • C2 Environmental Conservation
  • RE1 Public Recreation
  • RE2 Private Recreation
  • C3 Environmental Management
  • C4 Environmental Living
  • R2 Low Density Residential
  • R3 Medium Density Residential
  • R4 High Density Residential
  • SP1 Special Activities
  • SP2 Infrastructure
  • SP3 Tourist
  • W1 Natural Waterways
  • W2 Recreational Waterways
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