Development Control Plan 2015

The Sutherland Shire Development Control Plan 2015 (SSDCP2015) was approved by the Sydney South Planning Panel on 25 July 2017. The SSDCP2015 came into effect on 2 August 2017.

SSDCP2015 has been prepared to provide more detailed provisions with respect to carrying out development permissible under Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015 (SSLEP2015).

The plan provides objectives and development controls that establish clear guidelines for development and protection of the environment.

About the DCP

The LEP and the DCP work together to deliver Council’s Community Strategic Plan.  The Community Strategic Plan outlines the community’s aspirations and long-term vision for Sutherland Shire. In particular, the plan aims to protect and sustain our beautiful natural environment, including the streets and public places we live and play in. To this end, the DCP contains detailed development controls which aim to facilitate quality development, protect neighbourhood amenity and maintain environmental quality. In particular, the DCP sets requirements for site amalgamation, setbacks, building envelopes, landscape treatments, privacy and parking.   

The DCP contains detailed objectives and controls that will be used by Council when determining Development Applications under Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979. Any proposed variation must result in a better outcome and meet the objectives of this DCP. A statement from the applicant must support any variation to the controls and demonstrate how the objectives are satisfied.

Development Enquirer can prepare an extract of the LEP and the DCP based on a site and development types you select.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Dwelling Houses 

Chapter 2 Dwelling Houses

Secondary Dwellings

Chapter 3 Secondary Dwellings

Dual Occupancy 

Chapter 4 Dual Occupancy

Multi Dwelling Housing 

Chapter 5 Multi Dwelling Housing

Residential Flat Buildings and Precinct Plans 

Chapter 6 Residential Flat Buildings

Chapter 7 Caringbah North Residential Flat Precinct

Chapter 8 Pinnacle Street Precinct

Chapter 9 Caringbah Medical Precinct

Chapter 32 SP3 Tourist Zone - Prince Street

Chapter 43 101-151 Port Hacking Road, Sylvania - Frank Vickery

Foreshore and Waterway Development 

Chapter 10 Foreshores and W1 Natural Waterways

Chapter 11 Foreshores and W2 Recreational Waterways

Centre Specific Plans 

Chapter 12 B1 Neighbourhood Centre

Chapter 13 B2 Local Centre Bangor, Illawong, Kareela and Woolooware Bay

Chapter 14 B2 Local Centre Gymea

Chapter 15 B2 Local Centre Heathcote

Chapter 16 B2 Local Centre Jannali

Chapter 17 B2 Local Centre B4 Mixed Use Kirrawee

Chapter 18 B3 Commercial Core Caringbah

Chapter 19 B3 Commercial Core Cronulla

Chapter 20 B3 Commercial Core Engadine

Chapter 21 B3 Commercial Core Menai

Chapter 22 B3 Commercial Core Miranda

Chapter 23 B3 Commercial Core Southgate

Chapter 24 B3 Commercial Core Sutherland

Industrial and Business Zones 

Chapter 25 B5 Business Development

Chapter 26 B6 Enterprise Development

Chapter 27 B7 Business Park

Chapter 28 IN1 General Industrial

Chapter 29 IN2 Light Industrial

Chapter 30 IN3 Heavy Industrial

Chapter 31 IN4 Working Waterfront

Ancillary, Private Recreation and Other uses

Chapter 33 RE2 Private Recreation

Chapter 34 Ancillary Development

Chapter 35 Other Uses

Traffic and Parking 

Chapter 36 Vehicular Access, Traffic, Parking and Bicycles

Late Night Trading 

Chapter 37 Late Night Trading

Environmental Topics

Chapter 38 Stormwater and Groundwater Management

Chapter 39 Natural Resource Management

Chapter 40 Environmental Risk

Social Impact and Administrative Considerations 

Chapter 41 Social Impact

Chapter 42 Administrative Provisions


Soil Infiltration Map

Greenweb Map

Protected Species and Communities of High Conservation Significance Map

Wetlands and Waterways Map

Flood Risk Management Map

Road and Rail Noise Buffer Map

Bicycle Network Map

Road Hierarchy Map




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