8 - Bond Release and Long Service Levy

Long service levy fee

This is not a council fee. A long service levy applies to building and construction projects costing $25,000 and above (inclusive of GST). The levy can be paid at council or direct to the Long Service Levy Corporation. You must pay this before the release of the construction certificate.

Bonds and damage security deposits

A development consent may require a refundable bond to be paid to council.  We use it to recover any costs incurred to rectify damage to council assets and/or the environment as a result of implementation of development work.  The bond applies to:

  • Works valued greater than $150,000.
  • Demolition/Earthworks.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Any works carried out adjacent to a public road.

Bond amounts

Development value Bond
$150,001-$300,000 $3,750 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
$300,001-$600,000 $5,800 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
$600,001-$1,000,000 $9,000 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
$1,000,001-$1,500,000 $10,500 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
Greater than $1,500,000 Individual assessment
All Demo/Earthworks $3,800 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
All Swimming Pools $2,750 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
Removable Buildings $10,300 (includes non refundable $235 admin fee)
Tree placement and Maintenance  Individual assessment

Bond release

Bonds will be released where:

  • the development is complete (unless exceptional circumstances exist)
  • damage has not been caused to council assets during the works
  • conditions of development consent have been met.

Complete the online form. If all information is not available at the time of lodgement, council will still trace your bond, however this may take additional time.

Bonds will be released to the person who paid the bond to council (that is, the name that appears on the original receipt). 

Once your request has been lodged, a council officer will process your request.

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