6 - After you lodge your DA

After you lodge your DA


You will receive an invoice specifying the fees to be paid and the registered development application number to acknowledge that we have received your application.

If we need more information

It is essential that you supply council with all the information required in the relevant application documents otherwise your application may be rejected.  We may need more information about your application. If so, we will request this by email as soon as possible after receiving it.  Failure to lodge the requested information will result in your application being determined with the information at hand, and may result in refusal, or it will be returned to you for re-lodgement.

Neighbour notification and advertising

Most development applications are publicly notified to enable interested persons to lodge comments with us. For more information refer to Chapter 42 of Sutherland Shire Development Control Plan 2015

Checking the progress of your application

If you would like to find out how your application is progressing, you can use council’s online DA Tracking which allows you to track the progress of the application from lodgement through to determination.  

Track your DA

We suggest that you wait at least 28 days from lodgement of your application before checking its status.  

If there's a delay

Many applications are required to be referred to other agencies before we can determine them (for example, integrated development).  This process may cause delays that are beyond our control.  

The planning laws give you certain rights if there is an undue delay in the determination of your application.  For more information, contact the Assessment Officer who is responsible for your application.

Amended plans

If your plans are found to be significantly deficient or have major non compliances with the development standards in our planning instrument we are unlikely to accept amended plans.  We will help you to achieve a satisfactory development but there are some cases where the acceptance of amended plans will hold up the process and be unlikely to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

It is much better if you carefully check your plans before they are lodged to ensure they comply with our requirements.

Determining your DA

After your application has been assessed by one of our officers, it will be determined by either a staff member under delegated authority, the Sutherland Shire Local Planning Panel or the Sydney South Planning Panel.

Notice of determination

After your application has been determined, you will receive a notice of determination of development application.  The notice will tell you whether  your application has been approved or refused.

If your application is approved, the notice will list all conditions of consent and reasons for those conditions.  It will tell you when the consent becomes effective and when it lapses. 

If your application is refused, the notice will give the reasons for refusal.  The notice will also explain your right of appeal to the Land and Environment Court.

Conditions of consent

If your application is approved you must ensure that the development is carried out in accordance with the conditions of consent.  You cannot alter or vary the development (or the way it operates) unless the terms of the consent are modified.

Section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act allows for modification of development consent.  Separate application documents for a Section 4.55 modification are available from council.  We suggest that you contact us before lodging a section 4.55 application.

Lapsing of consent

Amendments to planning legislation have changed when a consent lapses.

  • All new consents issued from 25 March 2020 have a 5 year consent period
  • A consents that lapsed between 25 March 2020 and 25 March 2022 – now have another 2 years of operation

The lapse date is listed on your development consent.

These changes are automatic and do not require you to lodge an application/ request to extend the consent.

The consent lapses June 2020 – it now automatically lapses June 2022
The consent lapses August 2021 – it now automatically lapses August 2023
The consent lapses February 2022 – it now automatically lapses February 2024
Consents commencing on/after 25 March 2022 are valid for the period specified in the consent
Check the Lapsing date on your consent..

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has made a number of other legislative changes to the planning system in response to COVID-19. More information is available here:


Further information is available here:


Surrender of consent

If you have an active development consent and no longer wish to proceed with it, you may surrender the consent to council. Council may also require the surrender or modification of a consent as part of another consent.

Complete the surrender development consent form

Developer contributions

Your notice of determination may include a developer contribution, requiring payment towards public facilities required as a consequence of development.  

Developer contributions are levied where council can demonstrate that your development will increase the demand for these facilities and are determined in accordance with our Developer Contribution Plans.  This sets out the circumstances in which a contribution can be imposed, the formula for calculating the contributions and the program of works on which the contribution is to be spent. 

All developer contributions are paid into a special account. They cannot be used for other purposes.

View Developer Contribution Plans (pdfs)


Search for plans in Development Enquirer

Subdivision work and Construction Certificates

If your proposal involves building or subdivision works, you will need a construction certificate before you start work.  This application will include detailed building plans, specifications and engineering drawings.  You will be able to apply for this either to council or an accredited certifier.  You must also appoint a Principal Certifying Authority, and notify us in writing before you start any construction or subdivision work. 

The Principal Certifying Authority is responsible for issuing certificates relating to the project and for monitoring compliance with the development consent during the building or subdivision works.

Your proposal may also need an approval or licence from another government agency.  It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary approval or licence before you start your development.

Contact council's Certification Services for assistance.


Address: ,

More information

Policies and documents

DA Guide Consideration of Development Applications Submitted by Council Policy Code of Conduct


Application to Extend Development Consent Section 4.55 or 4.56 (formerly Section 96) modification of Development Consent Application for a Construction Certificate Application for a Subdivision Construction Certificate Appoint Council as Principal Certifier (sub-division works) Surrender of a Consent or Existing Use



Report a Political Donation or Gift Section 4.55 or 4.56 (formerly Section 96) modification of Development Consent Application to Extend Development Consent Construction Certificate Subdivision Construction Certificate Appoint Council as Principal Certifier (sub-division works) Surrender of a Consent or Existing Use


DA Tracker


Appointment to lodge a DA

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