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If your proposal involves work on a heritage item, moving or excavating an aboriginal relic or object, or subdivision of land that contains a heritage item, then you need to include a Statement of Heritage Impact.

Where a Statement of Heritage Impact is required, a professional heritage consultant should prepare it using the guidelines outlined by the Heritage Division of the NSW Office of Environment.  

The report must address:

  • Historical development of the site
  • Description of the item and its setting (eg. garden, fences, ancillary buildings, etc)
  • Contribution to the streetscape: height, scale, mass, setback, fenestration, architectural style and period
  • Heritage significance
  • Effect of proposal on the heritage significance of the building and its setting
  • Design options and rationale for the preferred option
  • Conservation principles in accordance with ICOMOS Burra Charter

If the report is for an aboriginal heritage place, relic or object, it should also include:

  • Whether the proposed development will affect land which has not been previously used or is undisturbed. Generally, areas of bushland or areas that have not been affected by development would constitute undisturbed land.
  • Whether the proposed development encroaches on any sandstone formations.
  • Photographic evidence of the site to demonstrate whether land is disturbed and/or whether any significant features are present on the site.

If an Aboriginal heritage assessment has previously been conducted for the property, a copy of this should be provided.

Proposed works that impact on an archaeological, cultural or aboriginal place, relic or object may have additional requirements. These include archaeological studies, aboriginal community consultation and excavation permits issued by the NSW Heritage Division


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