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When engaging a certifier (Principal Certifying Authority) for your development, you have a choice of using a private certifier or council certifiers.  Council certifiers provide experienced and competitively priced building certification services throughout the Shire for:

Customers can expect council's certification services to provide:

  • Excellent local knowledge of council's building, planning and construction requirements.
  • Knowledge and skill to reach appropriate resolutions of building related issues.
  • Direct access to council's development assessment officers, development engineers and tree management officers for resolution of any design, access, stormwater, public infrastructure or tree related issues.

Complying development certification

The following information sets out the stages of the assessment. 

To begin, you will need to give us:

  • A completed complying development certificate application via the NSW Planning Portal (before completing the application, you may wish to review our complying development information).
  • A PDF copy of your building plans and specifications.
  • Any other documents to assist with assessment. 

Apply for a Complying Development Certificate

Stage 1 - assessment

We will assess your proposal to ensure it meets Building Code of Australia (BCA), local or state planning requirements for complying development.  We will also check for any existing restrictions applicable to the site.  If some minor amendments are required in order to meet complying development standards, we may be able to provide you with advice and possible solutions.

Stage 2 - complying development certificate

If your proposal meets complying development standards we will issue your complying development certificate.   

At the time we issue the complying development certificate we will provide you the following accompanying documentation:

  • A list of inspections required to be undertaken during construction phase.
  • Fees associated with our role as Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).
  • Appointment of PCA form.
  • Notice of commencement form.
  • Application for occupation certificate. 
  • A covering letter outlining the procedures and when these forms are required to be sent in to us.

Stage 3 – bonds and levies

Depending upon the scale of your project you may have to pay a bond or levy before collecting your complying development certificate.  You will be advised by letter when your complying development certificate is issued if any bond or levy is required.   

Stage 4 - appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

Request a PCA inspection (existing customers)

Before starting building work you need to appoint an accredited PCA to conduct mandatory critical stage inspections throughout the project.  The PCA will ensure that your builder does the work in accordance with your complying development approval.  Failure to have critical stage inspections may result in the PCA not being able to issue the occupation certificate at completion of the works.

You need to lodge the notice of commencement with council at least two days before you start work.

Contact Certification Services for a quote and to find out more information - 9710 0166.

Stage 5 - occupation certificate

At the completion of the project (final inspection stage) the PCA will issue you with an occupation certificate provided all inspections have been carried out, were satisfactory and any required certificates have been received.

Stage 6 - bond refund

If you paid a bond to council, you can request a refund online.


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Agreement Application to Appoint Council as Principal Certifying Authority for Subdivision Works Request a PCA Inspection (existing customers) Bond Release Request


Enquiries can be directed to Certification Services on 9710 0166 or certificationservices@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Construction Certificate Complying Development Certificate Certification Contract Bond Release Request


PCA inspection (existing customers)

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