Complying Development Certificate

Before any work on a proposed complying development can commence, a certificate of complying development must be issued. 

Council's certifiers can issue complying development certificates for a competitive rate with a fast turnaround.  Request a quote for council's complying development services and what the service includes.

Alternatively, you can engage an accredited certifier external to council.   

Fees and additional costs

If applicable to your complying development, these costs must be paid before a certificate can be issued.  These may include long service levy, damage security bond (refundable), road permits etc.

Before Applying

Access across Fire Trails and Reserves

Council will only approve access to fire trails or reserves for construction purposes, including swimming pools, where there is an existing road or fire trail across the public open space which runs directly adjacent to your property. Footpaths or routes across an open space created by service vehicles are not considered existing roads.  If you are unsure whether access would be approved, please Council’s Open Space Assets Unit on 9710-0333.

Bushfire (BAL) Certificates

If your property is on bushfire prone land you will need a Bushfire (BAL) Certificate for complying development work.

    More about bushfire certificates

    Check if you are on bushfire prone land

    Check construction requirements on bushfire prone land

    Flood Control Certificates

    If your property is in flood prone land you may need a flood certificate for complying development work.

    More about food control certificates

    Check if you are on flood prone land

    Please contact Council's Certification Services for assistance or further information.


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