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Access to Fire Trails or Reserves

Apply for Access to a Fire Trail or Reserve.  Before applying, read these guidelines regarding access to fire trails or reserves. 

Additional Bins

Apply for an additional rubbish bin (red lid). You will have to make an application first, and then make a payment once it is approved. You can also apply for additional yellow bin (recycling) or green bin (garden waste).

Animal Registration

Dogs and cats can be registered online. Go to microchipping, registration, change of details for information about what you need to do.

Bond/Bank Guarantee Release

Apply for a bond release.

Apply for a bank guarantee release.


Apply here.

Join our team, subscribe for job vacancies.

Change of Postal Address - Rates Notices

Change your postal address for service of Rates Notices

Cronulla Resident Parking Permit

Cronulla resident parking scheme applications (Areas 1 and Areas 2 (trial scheme)).


Apply for a driveway (residential or large development). Go to the work in footpaths, roads, and other public places page for more information.

ePadDwell - Single Dwelling Houses

Provide sketch plans for your new home and receive general feedback on one or two critical issues only – such as setbacks or driveway crossing. Height, Landscape and Floor Space Area must comply with the relevant LEP standards. Only available for single dwelling houses (not alts and adds or multi unit dwellings). Especially helpful for project homes, houses in a new subdivision or sites with unusual features (ie multiple frontages, steep / sloping topography, environmental factors).

More information and apply here.

Filming and Photography

You can apply for filming and photography approval online. 

Foreshore Building Lines Electronic Data

Request electronic data regarding your property's FBL.

Heavy Vehicle Permit

Apply through National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)
Please Note: Council is not currently approving any Higher Mass Limits (HML), Concessional Mass Limits (CML) or PBS Level 2 General Mass Limits (GML) applications for the reason that the mass of the vehicle(s) will or is likely to cause damage to road infrastructure.

Outdoor Personal Fitness and Training

Apply for Personal Trainer Permit or

Apply for Personal Trainer Permit Renewal

Outstanding Notices (735)

Apply for a Outstanding Notices (735). Go to the Outstanding Notices (735) page for information about what the certificate tells you.

Rates Certificate (603)

Apply for a Rates Certificate (603)

Refund Request (General)

Apply for a General Refund Request. This is not for Bonds, please use Bonds Release above.

Road Uses

Apply for a skip bins, crane/concrete pump, work zone, hoarding, road opening for single residential property, or for a road opening for multi dwelling and non residential property.

Section 88G (88G)

Apply for a Section 88G Certificate or Section 88G Urgent. Go to the Section88G page for information about what the certificate tells you.

Trade Parking Permit

Apply for a Trade parking permit. Go to the trade parking permit page for information.

Tree Removal and Pruning on PRIVATE Property

In most circumstances a permit from council is required before removing or pruning more than 10% trees on private land. Apply for Tree Removal and Pruning on PRIVATE Property. Apply for Tree Pruning ONLY PRIVATE Property.

Tree Removal and Pruning on PUBLIC Property

You are not allowed to prune or remove trees that reside on council or public property - an inspection by council is required. Apply for Tree Removal and Pruning on PUBLIC Property.

Planning Certificate (2) Only

Apply for a Planning Certificate (2). Go to the Planning Certificate page for information about what the certificate tells you.

Planning Certificate (2) and (5)

Apply for a Planning Certificate (2) and (5). Go to the Planning Certificate page for information about what the certificate tells you. 

Council Pensioner Concession Rate Rebate

Apply for a Council Pensioner Concession Rate Rebate


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