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Council and Committee reports and minutes are available on the Business Papers page.

Business Papers and Minutes

Past business papers

If you require access to business papers prior to November 2017, you can find those by using the website's search function here.

Refining Search for Historical Business Papers and Council Minutes

If you are searching for Historical Business Papers and Council Minutes you can refine your search using the following rules:

  • Alphanumeric search = wildcard search (e.g. Suth = *Suth* will return results that have the word Suth in them, including Sutherland, Sutho)
  • Alphanumeric + special characters = exact match (e.g. WKS144-15 will return results that have WKS144-15, WKS144-1 will not return WKS144-15)
  • Any keyword surrounded by double-quotes = exact match (e.g. "Sutherland Shire Council" will return results that have the keywords in that order, including whitespace)

As you type your search will be refined. This search checks both the title of the document and the indexed contents of the document as a whole.

All members of our community are welcome to attend Council meetings. Did you know you can register to address Council at a Public Forum?

If you wish to speak at a Public Forum, applicants must meet one of the Eligibility Criteria, as specified in the Public Forum Policy and agree to abide by the conditions of this policy, together with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice .To register to address Council about an item on the meeting agenda, please submit the Public Forum Application Form no later than 5pm on the business day prior to the meeting.

For further information, please contact the Governance Team at

Within this section


All committee charters and delegations.


A list of upcoming Council and Committee Meetings.

Councillor Briefing Sessions

Councillor Briefing Sessions

Public Forum Application Form

Public Forum Application Form.

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