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NSW State Emergency Services

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Flood emergencies are managed by the NSW State Emergency Service.

Preparing for Flood

Prepare your home ahead of a flood and discuss a plan of action with your family should a flood threaten your area and you need to evacuate.

Head to the NSW State Emergency Service website for information and how to prepare in the event of a flood.


Is your home located on flood prone land?

The Australian Red Cross has put together a handy emergency kit checklist.

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During an Emergency

During an emergency, it is important to stay alert and stay calm. Ensure that you always follow the directions of NSW State Emergency Services and emergency services and adapt to a changing situation.

Make sure your emergency plan is up to date and you’re ready to evacuate if required.

Australia has an Emergency Alert Telephone Warning system. In an emergency you may get a call or text from this system, you do not need to sign up to get emergency alerts.

Read more about Council’s Role in an emergency

After an Emergency

Council will provide updates on the emergency recovery once the danger has passed.

For a list of Emergency Recovery Contacts click here.

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Flood Warnings

The NSW State Emergency Services and Bureau of Meteorology issue weather and flood warnings.

Weather warnings

Flood Advice Warnings

Changed Traffic Conditions

Floods often impact local roads and transport so keep an eye on Live traffic for updates on the traffic situation.

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