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About Magda

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Hours of Operation:8am-4.30pm

Phone:9710 0466 (Children's Services) or Magda (0400 874 212)

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Qualifications & Training

  • Region’s Best Educator of the year – 2014 & 2015 Excellence in Family Day care Awards
  • National Family Day Care Educator of the Year - 2015 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards
  • Finalist, Sutherland Shire Business Awards 2019
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Bachelor Early Childhood Teacher in Peru, South America (1996)
  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID001 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • 21886VIC Asthma Management
  • 22099VIC First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis
  • Identify & respond to children & young people at risk of harm (CHCCHILD401A)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and work place training
  • Courses: Programming & Documentation; Guiding Children’s Behaviour; Principle into Practice A Holistic Approach; Immunisation; Sun Safety; Conflict Resolution; Programming with the Early Years Learning Framework in Family Day Care; Orientation; Occupational Health and Safety; Unpacking Culture.
  • Webinars: Pre Reading and Writing Skills for 3-5 year olds; Numeracy & Thinking Skills for 3-5 year olds; STEAM ahead In Early Childhood; Programming; Documentation and Sustainability; Munch & Move children's healthy eating options.

My name is Magda. I have been involved in the Early Childhood sector for over 26 years and hold a double degree in Early Childhood Education (Australia and Peru) and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Running my Family Day Care in a professional manner has always been my priority. The National Quality Framework, National Quality Standards and Code of Ethics sets the expectation and level of professionalism for my role as an Educator. I have an extensive experience in the early childhood sector in both Australia and overseas and I challenge myself daily as a professional to meet the standards of practice in regards to the children, families and community.

I began my career in my early twenties in preschools and kindergartens in Peru South America, before moving to Australia in 2000. I  continued working in the industry as an Educator and a nanny while study my degree in Early Childhood.

I began my Family Day Care service when my first son was born in 2006. I am now the proud mum of two boys after my second son was born in 2009.

My service provides the best possible care and education to children in a personalised, small group environment. My educational philosophy is based on the motto 'Learning while playing' and my programming highlights a ‘child-centred approach’ curriculum, in which the children’s interests, dispositions and strengths help to design the curriculum. As an Educator, I like to be a facilitator and provide guidance that helps children reinforce their knowledge and extend their learning

I provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment, with engaging activities including arts, crafts, language and literacy, maths, science, nature, sustainability, cooking, music, dance, culture and more. 

Currently my evolution has increased due to COVID-19. While the changes are challenging, the situation has also presented plenty of opportunities to scaffold learning experiences that are an essential part of how I currently run my service. Technology has enabled me to find a new third wheel to my Family Day Care and has enabled me to keep most of my daily activities, including virtual excursions and zoom incursions.

I have a passion for sharing music with the children and multicultural experiences with them. I enjoy sharing my Peruvian background and culture and the Spanish language with the families and children in my service.

I have been twice nominated Early Childhood Educator of the Year and won the National Family Day Care Educator of the Year award in 2015 and became a finalist in the Sutherland Shire Business Awards in 2019.

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About my service

Chiquitos Family Day Care caters for children age 20 months plus.

I provide the children in my care with a secure, fun, caring, nurturing, inclusive and comfortable environment that is rich in nature-based resources.

I believe that all children are resourceful, competent and confident learners, who are capable of contributing positively to our world.

Family input is a strong and important feature of my service, where parents share their children's current interests which are built into and extended upon within our play-based learning program.  My program covers language and literacy, numeracy, science, music, fine and gross motor development, social and emotional skills and cognitive growth. It encompasses experiences and learning opportunities for each child's holistic development.

I incorporate the National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Curriculum Framework into my daily Family Day Care practices and program. I also regularly attend educational training and early childhood conferences.

At Chiquitos Family Day Care, we provide a natural and sustainable environment with many family pets, veggie gardens, chooks and sensory play.

We instil a love of life and a curiosity for our magical world and enjoy many excursions to our local library and community-based events. I also organise an incursion each term for the children's learning and enjoyment, for example, the Young Australia Workshop 'Sharing Culture', a visit from a local dentist, puppet shows etc. 

This year I have supported and approached STEM learning by following the children's interests and fostering a deep learning. I have engaged with questions or followed through with research – for example, we discovered what creatures could be found in the garden after heavy rain fall – like earth worms. This simple activity encouraged the children to be the instigator of their own knowledge and extend their understanding.

This year has been challenging for all as a consequence of the NSW isolation. Embracing new methods/technology has helped my Family Day Care service remain connected with our community such as online story time,  group time online with a talent and professional music teacher and multicultural experiences through Zoom incursions to enhance the children’s enthusiasm and relationships throughout COVID-19.

About my facilities

My service is located near Woolooware train station and is conveniently located for parents travelling via train to work.

My service features a large, level grassed yard for the children to enjoy. We make great use of this space for ball games, gardening, balancing & climbing, sand pit play, creative play and riding on toy trikes.

The outdoor environment will vary depending upon our program, the children's interests and areas of focus. The purpose of this space is for the children to remain active, learn vital developmental skills and importantly, have fun. The outdoor space is safe, organised and includes planned activities as well as free time.

The outdoors also features a large covered patio, providing ample shade where the children enjoy meal times together.

The indoor space is situated directly off the patio and devoted solely to Family Day Care. The indoor environment is designed to engage every child in quality experiences where they feel safe and secure, and develop a love of learning and exploration. 

The children enjoy the many resources available - books, puzzles, construction, home corner, toy kitchen, musical instruments and many other activities to extend their learning and development. The children love to use the resources to explore their creativity through hands-on, practical play and activities.


"Chiquitos Family Day Care, being small, takes the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each child and tailor the day to accommodate development in those areas. Each child is treated as a unique individual and we have been lucky that both our girls have developed a special bond with Magda. I am very proud of my children and their development and behaviour. The time they spend in childcare has a significant impact on how they behave at home and around others. I believe that due to you providing  such a caring and nurturing environment, the outcome is all round quality in their behaviour, social and intellectual skills. Magda engages in abundance with the community! She always invite families and extended families to participate in activities. The children are always socialising with other Family Day Care children. There are a lot of extra-curricular activities such as yoga, visits to the fire station and cultural excursions." Vikki. 

"Chiquitos Family Day Care provides exceptional  childcare services in a loving and caring environment and by giving each child specialised attention and support. Magda is always finding new and exciting ways to educate the children while exploring news places on excursion and collaborating with other local services to bring the best to the children. Chiquitos stands up from other day care services for its beautiful and unique handcrafted portfolios delivered to parents each year giving us the opportunity to sit with our children, read and discuss what they have been doing, learning and exploring.  Magda is always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our kids. For these and many more reasons I highly recommend Magda's Family Day Care." Mia.   

"Chiquitos Family Day Care delivers a loving and caring environment. Magda spends quality time with each child as a small group. I love the updates with newsletters and reflections inviting families to participate and contribute with open communication. Magda engages with the community through trips to the beach, park etc. This community interaction opens the children's minds and interests in education in different ways.  Magda always has new things for each child to create and explore. Magda keeps children thinking 'what are we going to do at Magda's today'." Selissa.

"Magda offers a wide range of activities that engage fine and gross motor skills, and also hosts a variety of activities that involve and allow families to participate.  I like her unique approach to educational practice through daily reflections updates.  I love Magda's personal touch and one-on-one care. The range of different crafts, activities and excursions keeps our child happy and interested." Kaye.

"Magda provides personalised care with activities which encourage the children's interests and learning through play such as gardening, singing, reading, arts & crafts, cooking , incursions and excursions.  The constant activities help Magda to teach the children about the community and different activities for example NAIDOC Week, Space Week, ANZAC Day and Easter." Nikki.

"Magda is great with all the kids, including my little one who has a lot of complex food allergies and intolerances. She communicates well with parents, providing a daily reflection and other relevant updates. My little girl runs in happily which makes it so much easier to leave her!"

We're beyond thrilled & fortunate to not only have Magda as educator to our 3yr old daughter, but a key figure in our family unit, helping us raise one and soon to be both of our girls.

"I first met Magda when our eldest daughter started at her Family Day Care, 18 months ago. Magda exudes such calm and confidence in her abilities, that her manner alone instantly put me at ease at leaving my first-born whilst I returned to the office. I quickly learnt that this welcoming and nurturing environment has been fostered through her dedicated, thoughtful and experienced early-learning program. Magda creates activities and opportunities for the children in her care to learn and develop in fun, engaging and safe ways. Every week I am amazed at the projects my daughter comes home with, that Magda has been able to support her to create. Through Magda's detailed communications with me, I understand the skills that these are teaching my daughter, whilst she believes she's just having fun."

"Magda encourages and facilitates so many learning and development opportunities for our child. She does this through both structured learning and play. She is also guided by the child's interests. Magda always demonstrates a professional approach. This is through regular communication with families, uniform, tidy and safe environment. We feel in safe hands at all times. Magda loves and cares for her Family Day Care children like they are her own. We really appreciate the effort Magda goes to with excursions (pre-Covid) and incursions, and so many amazing activities she gets the little ones involved in. We feel blessed to have Magda looking after our child."

"Magda provides a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes learning and exploring. She has new activities each week and goes above and beyond to find new ways of delivering fun and learning. She often has incursions and excursions planned to provide new opportunities for the children."

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