Infant Care

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Infant Care

We understand that placing trust in others to care for your baby is an anxious time and also a big decision.

We meet the individualised needs and routines of infants. We invest quality time in getting to know your baby.

Prior to starting care, we meet with parents to learn about their baby’s detailed home routine including feeding, wrapping and sleeping. We ask them to share how their baby is fed, how they are wrapped, how they are put to sleep.

There might be a particular way you put your baby to sleep at home – a familiar song or technique used to help them settle. We will take your routine and mirror this, to the greatest extent possible, in our centre.

We share detailed communication with parents about their child’s specific feeding, sleeping and nappy change information, along with general information about their baby’s day in care.

We partner closely with families on starting solids and introducing new food groups.

Developmentally, this is an important age in terms of:

  • Mobility (crawling, standing and maybe even walking) and ‘independence’
  • Expressive language
  • Back and forth interactions (e.g. talking to baby when baby babbles) and
  • Forming strong connections and relationships.

Our centres, deliberately, do not have a large number of infants in care.

This gives us the time to get to know every infant and foster each baby’s development through a program including singing songs, sharing books, exploring age appropriate developmental experiences and interacting with babies during ‘routine’ times of the day such as feeding and nappy change.  

The Educators in our infant rooms are warm and nurturing individuals who are fully qualified and highly experienced. Some have been with us for many years – our longest for 40 years. Importantly, they adore their days with the babies and certainly see it as a privilege to be caring for the Shire’s youngest residents.

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