Toddler Program

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Toddler Program

Toddlers are moving through a crucial phase of development and our Family Day Care programs support their specific needs in a very nurturing and supportive educational environment.

With only four children in care, our Family Day Care Educators know each child very well – their unique personality, preferences and interests. They will partner with you on every aspect of your toddler's learning. One of the benefits is the ability to ask your child's Educator to reinforce learnings you are keen to focus on, such as road safety or sharing with others.

During the toddler phase our Educators help children to build their pro social behaviours, emotional regulation, language skills and understanding of the world around them.  

This includes supporting toddlers to:

  • Build receptive language (processing and understanding what they hear and acting accordingly)
  • Build expressive language (communicating and expressing needs, learning new words)
  • Encourage resilience (bounce back from 'challenges' and try again)
  • Participate in a group
  • Follow instructions (e.g. building from a single task to multi-step tasks)
  • Develop a sense of identity (who am I and where do I fit in?)
  • Form friendships and learn to share
  • Develop emotional regulation skills
  • Increase attention span
  • Achieve toileting and feeding independence
  • Develop core strength and coordination

Our Family Day Care educational programs are play-based and each toddler’s developmental progress is strengthened through a range of daily activities such as:

  • Creative arts and sensory play
  • Puzzles and games (e.g. single cognitive skill games such colour matching games, simple instructional games such as ‘Simon Says’)
  • Reading stories
  • Music, dancing and singing
  • Role play
  • Construction/destruction areas
  • Outdoor play and physical movement (where much learning occurs – sharing, building core strength, learning to jump, climbing and assessing risks e.g. ‘can I jump from here’)

Our Educators build strong relationships with every child to ensure they feel supported, connected and happy.

They work in close partnership with parents on their child’s specific needs. Our Educators always encourage family input into the children's learning curriculum. This close collaboration with you is an important component of your child's learning journey. 

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