Our Family Day Care Philosophy

Sutherland Shire Family Day Care believes in providing the best quality early education and care that caters to the changing needs of children, families, educators, management and community. Our aim is to ensure children feel loved, valued and included and that each child’s voice and their rights are respected and upheld. We strive to foster a love for learning and create an environment that extends and enriches children’s learning to provide them the best start in life. 

We believe that children are unique individuals who bring their own special skills, talents and experiences to the early education care environment. We aim to foster children’s learning through play which comes directly from their interests, experiences, needs and developmental abilities. We provide nature based play environments that promote a love for the natural world and encourage children to be active participants of their community.

We believe all children have the right to feel safe and secure, in control of their environment and develop a relationship with their Educators, which is based on trust and respect. This creates a sense of belonging for each child and supports development of a positive self-image and confidence. We aim to provide an environment that is free from bias and acknowledges each child’s cultural background.

We recognise, respect and celebrate the diverse cultures that each child, family, educator and community bring to the scheme. We acknowledge that each family brings a diverse range of needs, interests and experiences to the early education and care environment. The diversity of child rearing practices are acknowledged and respected by the entire scheme. 

We recognise the importance of families in children’s lives. Families bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to the service and are actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about curriculum decisions in order to ensure that learning experiences are meaningful. Educators and Management provide inclusive spaces for all families where support and advise to can be provided to promote the health and wellbeing of all children.

We aim to develop partnerships that are based on mutual respect and trust.  The partnership relies on open, honest and professional communication by all parties which creates an environment where needs can be discussed and solutions found. 

We strive to be leaders in the industry and strongly advocate for the role that Family Day Care plays in the wider community. We create a united, professional, supportive and reflective environment which allows opportunities for Management and Educators to collaborate and develop both personally and professionally. Management and Educators believe in the importance of being role models for children and their families.  Educators and management staff are unique individuals who each bring their own skills, talents, opinions and perspectives to the Scheme which makes for a rich and diverse environment. We are committed to ongoing learning and professional development. We see effective communication and a team approach as being vital and will influence the quality of care that is provided and the quality of the programme that is implemented.


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Philosophy Reviewed May 2018.This Philosophy is endorsed by Sutherland Shire Council Children’s Services Unit

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