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Each and every week Sutherland Shire has many exciting business networking events to help grow your business. Networking is for everyone whether you’re starting a business or have been in business for years.  


From my experience, when done well, networking can create real opportunities for business growth.


Networking in all its forms has been an important part of my professional life for over 35 years and even though I am heavily involved with BNI and that is my priority, I am also a member of several other networking groups and see value in them all.


Here are my top 10 helpful tips for successful networking:


  1. Work your network –be proactive in reaching out to others rather than hoping others will come to you. “It’s Net-WORK, not Net-SIT”! (Dr Ivan Misner, the Founder of BNI (Business Network International)
  2. Cultivate relationships – engage on a more personal level with members and find out their story.
  3. Be active and visit several groups to find the one/ones that best fits you.
  4. Spread yourself around – don’t get stuck in a clique. Watch out for cliques, they are hard to break into but they can also swallow you up. Be open to everyone.
  5. Put others first – don’t be a predator hunting for work but show interest in helping others.
  6. Listen – we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason
  7. Business cards – wait to be asked for your card or ask someone for their card rather than offering yours first.
  8. Body language – be open and even when talking in a group, make sure your collective language is also open.
  9. Be genuine and be yourself, as the truth will get out!
  10. Follow up – show you are interested and professional


So be active, visit them all and even join a few.


Happy Networking!


Paul English

E:  paul@bnisouth.com.au

M: 0432 857 857


In addition to running BNI NSW South, Paul also runs two storytelling video companies, My Business My Story, helping business owners tell their stories and That’s My Life for documenting a person’s life to share with family and friends.



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