Busking is allowed in the suburbs of Engadine, Sutherland, Jannali, Gymea and a specific area of Cronulla and a licence is not required.
However, there are guidelines that you need to be aware of.

Where and when can I busk?

  • Permitted within the suburbs of Engadine, Sutherland, Jannali, Gymea and Cronulla (Cronulla Mall only) the Cronulla plaza pedestrian mall (between The Kingsway at the northern end of the plaza through to the southern entrance, off Croydon Street near the train station).
  • Hours are 10am - 5pm (7pm in daylight saving) any day.
  • Busking not allowed during the Cronulla Spring Festival and the Cronulla Easter Show, Engadine Street Fair and Gymea Village Fair.
  • Buskers must move every 2 hours within the designated location.
  • All buskers must communicate and remind their audience about social distancing requirements of 1.5 meters from one person to another.
  • All buskers must maintain 1.5 meters distance from others and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Circle Acts and Group Performances are restricted until further notice.
  • Rangers may stop the acts that do not address the social distancing requirements within their audience as well as themselves.
  • If you had travelled overseas and recently returned, or if you have come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, you must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • May receive money via voluntary donations, but should not ask members of the public for money nor approach them or sell them goods or services.

A busker should not:

  • Obstruct or hinder the passage of pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Operate closer than 4 metres from the door of premises open for business.
  • Affix any matter or thing, or mark or draw on any footway or paved area.
  • Use loud speakers or any form of sound amplification.
  • Use dangerous acts including use of fire, saws, swords, spears, knives, bicycles etc.
  • Cause inconvenience, annoyance or obstruction to any person.
  • Create any nuisance or unreasonable noise.
  • Beg or gather alms.
  • Operate in an area adjacent to a place of worship. Any entertainment activity should not create any disturbances during funeral services or other solemn occasions.
  • Create a threat to public safety.
  • A busker shall not wear or display on or about himself any advertising matter whether or not such matter is of a commercial nature. The promotion or advertising of any product or service is prohibited.

Balloon sculptors, tarot card/palm/fortune readers, aerosol artists, face painting, masseurs are not considered busking.

A busker must adhere to all the above terms and conditions, and comply forthwith with any lawful direction given by the Police or Council's Public Safety Officers.

Working with children

If a busking activity content and focus is directed at children then the busker must complete a prohibited employment declaration form.

If council receives any complaints of a nature that, once investigated, represents any risk to a child's well being then busking will not be permitted.


We recommend buskers have public liability insurance cover for no less than $2 million.


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More information


Enquiries can be directed to Business, Sport & Community Services on 9710 0891 or events@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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