A Frame Signage

Who can use an A Frame?

Businesses and Companies located in the following zones - Zone B1 Neighbourhood Centre, Zone B2 Local Centre or Zone B3 Commercial Centre.  Businesses must have and maintain public liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million. Home businesses are not permitted to have A frames.

To find out what zone you are in please reference the Zoning map

Do I need Council approval?

Yes. You must obtain approval to place an A Frame sign on a footpath or in any other public place.


All fees for A Frames have been waived until 30 June 2022.

Apply for an A Frame Application

Where Can I locate my A frame?

A frame must be located outside your shop front. They must be located in a location that provides an unimpeded corridor for safe pedestrian movement and the parking and traffic situation adjacent to the kerb line.

They can not be located away from your shop as a directional indicator. Teardrop banner displays are not permitted.

Permitted locations are:

  • Immediately against the store front
  • Set back from the kerb of the road, at least 600mm
  • Cronulla Plaza and other fully pedestrianised streets only - 3 m from the shop front under the edge line of the awning

Can I keep it out all night?

No. A frames can only be displayed between 7am and 10pm.


Do I need to submit a DA?

Generally no.  If your A frame meets the criteria of Schedule 2 – Exempt Development SSLP2015 you are not required to submit a DA.


Does the A frame need to be built to an Australian Standard?

Yes, they must be constructed either of metal or timber and comply with AS1170. They must be maximum 600mm wide and 900mm high and must not flash.
Please reference Schedule 2 Exempt Development 

How long does my approval last?

Generally 2 years. Approvals are issued for up to a 2 year period expiring 30 June 2022.


How many A Frames can be placed outside a business?

Up to 2 A Frames are allowed - for example if there are 2 shop frontages.


How many A Frames can I have?

Each shop front may have an A frame, up to 2 A Frames per business is allowed - for example if there are 2 shop frontages.


My business is upstairs, can I have an A frame?

Yes. However there is only 1 A frame per entry point permitted.
Where there are multiple upstairs businesses sharing one entry point, only 1 A frame will be permitted.

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